It’s a golden age for the craft beer connoisseur; beer geeks need look no further than their local supermarkets to find interesting, high-quality beers from microbreweries honing their craft up and down the country. 
Two new talented brewers had perfected their beer formulation but needed some help in creating their brand; they wanted something that was worthy enough to embody their excellent creations and that they’d feel excited to present to the beer-loving masses. As a designer and a beer drinker myself, I found the prospect of helping a new microbrewery launch into the effervescent, yet saturated, market both exciting and daunting in equal measure. Their knowledge and approach to the process was impressive and the bar was raised further after the initial taste tests; the beers are complex, imaginative and, most importantly, delicious. 
The process for every brew starts with the same ingredients: grain, water, yeast and hops. The balancing act between these four essentials is what creates the magic in every brew and acts as the brewery’s cardinal points – the logo solidifies their honesty, integrity and commitment to following the right path. 
The minimal geometric designs aim to stand out from the ubiquitous technicolour approach so many breweries take with their packaging. Coupled with characterful names that hint at each beer’s personality, the packaging requires further inspection.  

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